The best thing about VSA is its convenience. Because I am not local and am currently away at school, being able to stay connected with my coach when I am not able to travel to Connecticut is great. It helps me to stay away from developing bad habits and keep up on proper instruction. One of the great features of the app is being able to use it wherever you are. If I am at a tournament and having problems with a pitch, I can easily send a video to my coach and she will always get back to me as soon as possible and have my pitch fixed by the end of the weekend.

Kelly – Division 1 Pitcher 

My daughter and I were very excited to use the virtual softball academy personalized video evaluation .  It was great to hear and see the mistakes she was making as a pitcher.  It really helped pinpoint the areas that my daughter needed to work on in lessons.  It was easy to see the corrections that she made in the following videos.  The amount of analysis in each video was great, very helpful to me, my daughter, and her pitching coach.  It breaks her mechanics down in a way that I can understand too. 🙂 The benefit is for the athlete to SEE what they need to work on instead of just being told.  My daughter is a visual learner and she really loved to see her mechanics broken down in steps.  She now sets a goal to work on in each pitching lesson based on the analysis. My daughter and I love it and will continue to use it.

Kelly (Mom of Katie age 12)

The personalized instruction from Virtual Softball Academy is Super easy, user friendly and  each instructional video explains step by step what to do. VSA is absolutely helpful! We were able to break down to the fundamentals of my daughter’s mechanics, the videos help her understand visually what she needs to fix. We use it for pitching, batting, catching and great to sharpen your skills prepping for the next tournament. Virtual Softball Academy is very convenient and extremely helpful. My daughter enjoys watching the videos and helps boost her confidence. Highly recommend using this service.

 Christi (Mom of Skyler age 10)

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