Thank you for taking our course. Our goal is to help you learn how to teach the fundamental mechanics of Fastpitch Softball to your players. No experience is needed! Just a willingness to learn. You have an opportunity to have an impact on your young players that goes far beyond softball!

Be encouraging! Be positive! Have Fun!

If you have any questions – email

Equipment you will need as a coach.

  • A good batting T
  • Tennis balls
  • Softballs and buckets to hold them (the buckets will be used for drills)
  • Foam knee pads (I bought a bunch on Amazon see links below)
  • A chuck-it (this a dog toy you can buy at any pet store or Walmart)
  • Home plates (you can cut these out of rug scraps)
  • Foam fielding paddles (see below on Amazon)

Items we suggest you purchase

  • Insider Training Bat
  • Swivel vision hitting goggles
  • Lite Flight Softballs

All of the suggested items can be purchased through USA Elite Training Florida at a discount – contact

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